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Empowering the Next Generation! Martial Arts After School Program, Kids/Adult Tae Kwon Do, and Summer Camps in Burlington, Oakville and Milton. We offer the highest quality in Martial Arts related activities. We encourage you to call or drop by the club and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

KIds Tae Kwon Do|Adult Tae Kwon Do|Summer Camps Burlington|Birthday Parties Burlington|After School Program Burlington

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Our specially designed Kids Program provides both physical and mental benefits through improved coordination, strength, agility and balance as well as a stronger mental focus, more confidence and perseverance; always in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. 


We offer classes for children ages 6-12 years, and youth ages 13-17 years. Our curriculum is specifically designed for each age group and level of ability. With each lesson we try to bring out the best in each student’s ability and enhance their learning experience whether it be physical, spiritual or mindful

Every class starts with a warm up and strength and agility exercises for growing muscles. This is followed by learning and practice punching and kicking techniques using the punching bags.  We then break off into smaller groups to work on forms and self defense steps.

Our instructors provide one-on-one attention to students that help with specific tasks. Children work on self improvement and teamwork at the same time by encouraging each other in a supportive and motivational environment. 

Our main focus is to help your child set attainable milestones for themselves at each level and to work towards achievement by providing them with the individual level of dedicated support and guidance they require at every new stage.

We foster a spirit of friendly competition, with positive attitudes and respect for our fellow class mates and for ourselves. Parents are encouraged to work with the instructors to identify specific goals for their children and to play an active role in championing their achievements.


Additional help is always available. Ask us about private lessons to work on specific skills or preparation for grading.

KIds Tae Kwon Do|Adult Tae Kwon Do|Summer Camps Burlington|Birthday Parties|After School Program Burlington